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A wide variety of excellent card magic… including mentalism… all, using only a regular deck of cards! Borrow the deck if you’d like!

The INTRODUCTION provides many excellent tips for maximizing your performances, how to address your spectators, and Paul’s ‘career’ as an underground gambler – one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet.

Learn the real deal about performing!

Tricks included:

TRANSLATION: Spectator shuffles the deck and cuts it into four piles while the performer carries out some hilarious patter! The spectator has cut to the four question cards! Seems impossible… but easy to do!

YOU MUST BE LUCKY!: The performer and the spectator team up to find the four Aces in a remarkable manner! You’ll LOVE the method behind this!

GHOST COLLECTORS: OK… this isn’t as easy as the others – but wait until you see the look on your audience’s faces – OH MAN! The four Aces trap the three selections in a way that is just NOT possible!

MAKE THE CARDS MATCH: Paul performed this for Jerry Mentzer at his home… and Jerry was FLOORED… it became Jerry’s favorite trick! Finally you will have a use for your “old” cards, lying around – this trick ROCKS!

POKER MENTAL: Paul’s updated version of an old impossible effect that is now brand new, to a new generation. Martin Gardner called this the most amazing impromptu trick in existence. Seriously… it is an effect of ESP that will amaze everyone… magicians included. Use this as a Poker demo… and then read everyone’s minds as to what cards they are MERELY THINKING OF! That’s right – their thought – of card is NOT selected, absolutely NO “fishing”, NOTHING is written down or even spoken… watch their faces!


SHUFFLE-BORED: Paul’s rendition of a classic by Simon Aronson that you can use to CLOSE ANY SHOW… from close-up to stage! Even though it is easy to do… NO ONE will be able to figure this effect out… no one. This effect is not only brilliant… but also very entertaining!

Download this fabulous e-book now… It is a MONSTER!


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