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Here is the complete story of one of the most influential magic writers and editors of all time – the history of Theodore “Ted” Annemann. Every published, and many unpublished, creations of Annemann have been gathered for this unprecedented work, then edited and placed in their proper chronological order.

This huge 621-page ebook contains extensive commentary, which clarifies hundreds of details about his tricks, his contemporaries and the man himself. It is as entertaining as it is informative. Annemann’s influence on magic even after his death is explained, as well as the complete genealogy of his creation The Jinx magazine and all its descendants.

Also included are performance photos, family photos, publicity material and much more. Without question this is the largest collection of Annemann memorabilia ever to be printed. And for the first time, see the extended photo sequence of Annemann performing his death-defying Bullet Catch.

These are merely a few of the features to be found in this comprehensive coverage of Ted Annemann. The scope of the material would take pages to describe. This indispensable book will be of interest to every magician, whether historian, collector, card worker or mentalist. A lifetime of magical creativity contained in one volume.





One: The Waverly Wonder

Two: In The Land of The Sphinx

Three: The Strangest Secrets Ever Sold

Four: In The Lair of The Linx

Five: In The Days of The Jinx

Epilogue: In The Flames of The Phoenix

The Annemann Album

Annemann Tricks In Other Magazines And Books


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