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Bob Cassidy, who’s act has been described as one of the most perfect in mentalism, has created a brand new, complete act he’ll reveal to you within “The Act: Beyond Fundamentals”

“The Act” will serve as a focal point for Bob to discuss more of his invaluable fundamentals of mentalism. Each effect will illustrate one or more points necessary to achieve a successful performance.

In this recording and lecture notes of his sold-out tele-event Bob reveals:

The Scorpio Variations – This is one of Cassidy’s pet secrets which he’s sharing for the first time during a teleseminar and features material which has been out of print.

The Tossed Out Deck – The hows and why of this mentalism standard along with Bob’s wonderful touches!

Achieving Thematic Unity – One of the most important concepts in building one’s act!

Powerful Closers and Standing Ovations – These are some of the most important secrets to having your act become unforgettable!

Probe and Push – This is Cassidy’s sure-fire technique that he uses to implant specific thoughts in a spectator’s mind.

The Psychologically Implanted Movie Scene – This is an advanced version of Cassidy’s classic “freely selected” movie scene routine.

Beyond the “Almost Real Prediction” – A new approach to Jack London’s classic routine and the “eliminate one” principle!

  • Plus a look at book tests, the “Sugar Bowl” utility device and more…

    Included in this special package:

    • The Complete 2-Hour MP3 Recording Of Bob’s Live Tele-event
    • Event Lecture Notes
    • Event Post Lecture Notes
    • Special Bonus: Bob’s “Notes From The Master” Special Report
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