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COALESCE is a scripted 30-minute act of PREDICTION, PSEUDO-HYPNOSIS, and MIND READING (both by the performer as well as the participant).

It can be accomplished using merely the following:

– A deck of cards, a marker and 2 extra Jokers
– An envelope with 3 minutes of preparation (no arts and crafts)
– A close-up pad (no arts and crafts)
– A table and 3 chairs

Back in 2016, I published 3 short eBooks – A Thought Covertly Conveyed (ATCC), A Thought Stumbled Upon (ATSU) and A Thought Left Unsaid (ATLU). The similar names were intentional because they all were part of an act – COALESCE is that act.

ATCC: A hybrid of a card trick and the plot, spectator as mind reader, dressed in the clothes of hypnosis. Participant 1 selects a card and secures it under his hand. Participant 2 is asked to close his/her eyes and is put through a simple process, at the end of which he/she points to the mate of the selected card from a ribbon spread.

ATSU: A 4-of-a-kind gets chosen by participant 1, one of the 4 cards is then given to participant 2, who in due course of time, correctly deduces the suit and then the value of the card without any prior knowledge of the selection.

ATLU: A thought-of card is conveyed to everyone (without writing down or uttering a single word) while the performer has their back towards the audience. Once done, the performer turns their back and asks a couple of random questions, then hesitatingly pulls out a single card from a deck of playing cards. And that happens to be their thought-of card.

Also included is a PSEUDO TRUTH-TELLER & LIAR routine using the deck of cards in play.


– Involves only one simple sleight, done just once
– Packs small plays big
– Ideal for audiences up to 100 (depending on seating arrangement)
– You can give out everything (the deck, marker and the envelope) in the end

Here you’ll find a PDF and a 22-minute-long video. They both collectively explain the act. Download the eBook and begin learning this great routine!


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