Freddie the Magical High Jumping Flea by Jonathan Royle and Tizzy The Clown Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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Freddie the Magical High Jumping Flea is the perfect opening routine for all children’s party and family show entertainers. It has been a staple of Tizzy the Clown’s act for fast approaching 60 years with huge success!

Tizzy’s son, Jonathan Royle, has also been performing this routine in his children’s and family shows for the past 27+ years to date. He, too, has always found this to be the perfect opening routine. With it, you win the audience over, get them warmed up for what’s to come, and ultimately get them truly on your side.

This is similar to the Classic Monkey Bar Routine, except that it uses 3 glasses upon a small tray. Inside one of the glasses is a large colorful silk.

This silk apparently magically jumps from one end glass to the other, but always only after the magician placed the tray behind his back. The audience soon catches on, with screams of, “You turned it around!”

After much comedy by-play and audience interaction — which you will witness on two videos showing Tizzy the Clown using this routine (he has honed this to perfection in live performances) — there is a double impact magical ending.

First, the silk visibly jumps from one end glass to the other in front of everybody’s eyes! Then, as an encore, the silk visibly jumps from the end glass into the center one! This once again draws huge applause from the amazed audience.

The original idea for a silk jumping from glass to glass seems to have been first marketed by Abbott’s Magic Company with Victor Trask’s Tri-Fly-Silk in the 1960’s. A version was then marketed by Ken Brooke in the 1970’s. Numerous different versions having been marketed by various dealers around the world since then.

Within this package, you will receive a PDF eBook. You’ll also get access to several videos, including live performances of the routine featuring “Freddie” the Magical High Jumping Flea. There are a total of 39 full-color photographs which will help you to easily and very cheaply make the props needed to perform this feature effect. You can use just a few easily obtained items that most dollar or pound stores usually stock.

This routine has been audience tested during many countless thousands of shows. Freddie the Magical High Jumping Flea is perhaps one of the best investments you will ever make! It’s a true bargain at only $20.00.


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