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Stealing someone’s information without their knowing is a tool with LIMITLESS POTENTIAL. And being able to do it REALLY CLEANLY AND FAIRLY, right under the nose of your audience, is a SUPER POWER in itself. NUCLEUS gives you the ability to do just that.

Inspired from Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus, NUCLEUS is a center tear that is SIMPLE TO LEARN, EASY TO MASTER and LOOKS DEAD CLEAN.

Features of NUCLEUS:

NUCLEUS always opens to the correct side and in the correct orientation.
– It has a built-in feature that tells you whether the paper is right side up or upside down. This is really helpful when you do routines where it gets opened inside a pocket or away from sight.
– Can be done using regular printer paper.

Apart from the technique, you’ll also learn:

– Short and simple routines developed specifically for stage, close-up, and for Impromptu situations — all designed exclusively for NUCLEUS. These will help you build confidence for using NUCLEUS.
– A story-based routine that can be adapted into any setting (stage/parlor/walkaround) and in any language.
– You’ll also learn justification for getting the information written down on paper and tearing it later.

Honest Note: NUCLEUS is both a center steal and center tear. It’s like a ‘Y’ — You start on a single journey but mid-way you part ways and reach different destinations.

Also, included is a 19-minute-long video to help you with the learning process.

Pages: 45 (includes pictures)
Words: 3200+ words
Video: 19 minutes

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