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Patter Ideas and The Incomplete Faro” by Paul A. Lelekis and Illustrated by Tony Dunn

“…it’s hard to imagine another magician with the same combination of technique, entertaining skills and enthusiasm. As a personal side-note, his card magic has provided many sources of inspiration for my own thinking over the years, and I’m certain it will have the same effect on others.”
J. K. Hartman

Learn the rich 1,000 year history of the Jacks (or Knaves) and King of Hearts… and also learn many excellent patter ideas!

Learn their REAL meanings and excellent presentations to really “spice up” your card magic! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!

In addition, learn Paul’s awesome underground sleight, The Incomplete Faro Transfer. And with it, learn an amazing trick – The INDICATOR! NO PERFECT FARO IS USED – it is easy!

This underground sleight is brilliant and will “fool” the Pros! The method is simplicity itself, yet the execution is diabolical!

The INDICATOR seems to be impossible and you’ll fool everyone at your next magic meeting!

You DO NOT need to perform a Perfect Faro – ever – with the Incomplete Faro Transfer… or IFT.

The Incomplete Faro Transfer is a true “magician-fooler”- and there are MANY, MANY tricks you can perform with it!

AND… It is easy to do!

Download the eBook and start learning!


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