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In 2008 Nefesch released a 3 set DVD. One of the best received effects in the set had the title P.R.R. (Palm reading revelation)

3 years later, Nefesch has outdone him self and now is releasing P.R.R2

So what is P.R.R2?

Imagine this:

Under test conditions you ask your spectator to simply THINK of a card, without any fishing or monkey business you can find out what card he is thinking of.

YES! It really is as clean as this.

P.R.R2 uses NO DECKS, no peeks, no stooges, no instant stooges, no muscle reading, etc.

Just ask a spectator to THINK of a card, and know what he’s thinking.

This is P.R.R2

Pages: 18 – 8.5″ x 11″ -PDF format


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