Self Working CAAN by Abhinav Bothra mixed media DOWNLOAD

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An effortless CAAN (Card At Any Number) that the participant performs for themselves!


  • You never touch the deck of cards.
  • Can be done close-up, parlor or on stage

A participant holds out the fingers of both their hands and drops down any number of fingers. The fingers left extended (say 2 and 1) forms the number (they get to choose — 2 & 1 becomes 21 or 12).

The participant opens up the pack of playing cards, deals the cards down (face up or face down doesn’t matter).

The card at their number matches the card you predicted (written on a paper before performance)!

Honest note: While you don’t touch the deck, you do have to do some work. Difficulty-wise it is well within the reach of a month-old beginner.

Download the PDF and video, and learn!


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