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Everything has been given away-moves, patter and the all important “why”
of every item. Just when you thought it was safe to sneak back into your local
magic emporium, another Lovell tome appears to shake the shelves and throw a bit
of dust around. Within the pages here, you’ll find some more thoughts on the performance
of magic along with forty routines, bits and more. The material is split into
cards and non-card stuff, with the difficulty level ranging from really, really
easy to a few knuckle busters for those with a lot of free time on their hands.
Everything in these pages has been (and is still being.) used in Simon’s professional
work for the paying public. Everything is here for you – the effects, the patter,
the moves and all sorts of extra thoughts on each and every item. There’s even
a few guest items from top performers like David Acer and David Oliver.

Contents include:

More Thoughts of Chairman Lovell
So What Do You Need to Learn Sleightwise to be a Magician?
The Mob and the Magi
Pocket Management
Logic and Thinking
A Quick Word About Bar Magic
The Magic Moment.

Card Stuff
Lovey Dovey Sandwich;
Star Trick;
The Namer;
Two Cards and a Glass
The Murder Mystery
Super Play It Straight
Collectors 21
Sidney the Hamster
The Flipster
The Angle of the Dangle
One Way to Bermuda
Blind Man’s Buff
Mousehunt by David Acer
Ace-O-Rama. by Shaun Robison
The Wyoming Wobble
The Bucket Cull
Waiting for God
Harry’s Catnip Principle

Not Card Stuff
Matchbox Betcha
Matchbox Betcha Number Two
Don’t Touch by David Acer
Two Pieces of Silliness
The Texas Chainthumb Massacre or Grand Guignol Revisited
Business Card Flash
Coins, Dice and Grandfather’s Beer
A Hair of the Dog by Bob Neale
Twisted Roses
Chop Wallet

For Advanced Maniacs Only
Fantasy in Salt and Vinegar by Ash Lee
The Incredible Card in Dove Number Two
Lobster Watch
Ring in Rat

Extra Bit
The Frisk of the Risk


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