The Art of Fortune Telling – Predicting the Future for Fun & Profit by JONATHAN ROYLE Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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The Art of Fortune Telling – How to Predict the Future for Fun & Profit

The Art of Fortune Telling subtitled How to Predict the Future for Fun & Profit is a large format (almost A4) large print easy to read book of almost 500 pages teaching you how to En-Part Psychic Wisdom.

You will learn how to become truly Confident and Competent in giving Professional Standard readings using divination systems such as Energetic Psychometry, Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Rune Stone Casting & Tarot Reading as well as learning how to blend these together using the En-Part system to give accurate full length readings.

These divination systems & fortune telling oracles will all be taught to you using Accelerated teaching & easy Mnemonic Memory Systems meaning for example that even a complete novice will be able to learn how to read the Tarot in less than 60 minutes, and as for the Rune Reading memory system that is the easiest to learn that has ever been published.

Along the way you will also learn about Graphology, Tree Reading aka Dendrographology, Gem Stone Reading, Psychic Belly Button Reading aka Navel Gazing, Pawology aka Palmistry Paw Reading for Dogs & Cats among other approaches.

You will also learn the secrets used by the top Psychics to be able to accurately predict the future and to reveal to people their Past, Present and Futures using Cold Reading, Body Language, Hot Reading, Stock Readings, Demographics, Statistics and even Personality Profile Assessments & other Powerful Psychological tools to help you easily become the most proficient and accurate Fortune Teller and Psychic Consultant in your area.

You will also learn numerous Psychic Style Mentalism & Mind Reading routines covering all areas of Energetic Psychometry, Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Rune Stone Casting, Tarot Reading, Graphology, Tree Readings and other areas including Extra Sensory Perception, Past Life Regressions, Astral Projection, Ghost Hunting & Paranormal investigation techniques and other examples of Psychic Experiments which you will be able to use within your work.

Within this illustrated book there are also links to many hours of training videos which are exclusive to the author and to which it would usually cost you many times the cost of this book to gain access to watch and study them all.

As well as training videos there are also included links to exclusive video interviews that Jonathan Royle has conducted with people such as Psychics Richard Webster & Mark Lewis, Clairvoyant Philip Solomon and Fortune Teller Stuart Harrizon Cassels aka The Tik Tok Tarot Reader and between these you will learn even more of the inside secrets of the busy working Professional Fortune Teller & Psychic Consultant.

The author even covers subjects like Health & Safety and Legal Considerations for the Fortune Teller and Psychic Consultant as well as giving you ideas on how to attract a constant stream of high paying clients for in person or even over the internet style live readings.

Without doubt this is the most comprehensive and also direct to the point and bang up to date (published September 2020) book of its kind ever published and released to the Open Eye Magical, Mentalism & Psychic Community.

If you want to become the most Confident, Competent and truly accurate Professional Fortune Teller and Psychic Consultant that you could ever become then you owe it to yourself and your clients to study the contents of this unique and unrivalled book to Psychic Success.

The author has to date been giving Professional Psychic Readings since Circa 1989 and his 31+ years of knowledge and experience in the real world along with additional training & almost 60 years of Psychic Wisdom from his original mentor Brian Howard aka Hobrin Master of the Tarot are included within the pages of this explosive & highly educational eye opening encyclopaedic book.

You could quite easily earn back your entire investment into this course package with the very first full length professional reading that you give after studying its contents.

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