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6 beautiful effects that are Stronger than The Hulk!

When I was a kid, I purchased magic books from the 1800s
by Prof. Hoffman, Herrmann, Jean Robert-Houdin, and a host
of other magicians who I’ve never heard of before…these
books were old, with very yellowed, brittle pages, with art-work
that was quite intricate and very Victorian.

But what stood out most to me, were how many times
these books would mention performing in, or retiring to “the
drawing room”…this term really intrigued me.

These stellar effects within, will “spark” those magical
times in your lives that have lasted us for so many years!


Leave Those Jacks Alone! – This fun-filled adventure will
drag your spectators into your world! You have the spectator
FREELY select four cards and then she signs a fifth card.
Remarkably, the signed card visibly transposes from the
packet, into the deck! This amazing transport is easy to do
and the four selections are shown to be the four Jacks…which
you JUST told her NOT to pick! You’re gonna LOVE this one!

Strike Three? –
The pressure is on the spectator…but she
finally finds her own card in an impossible way. This one is
very easy to do…and appears so very magical!
The “construction” of this effect will delight the REAL
magicians out there…it is VERY, VERY CLEVER!!

The 7/8 Coincidence –
An amazing coincidence conducted
by the spectator – trust me…NO ONE will figure this out and it
is performed by the spectator very slowly and deliberately!

An Even Lazier Lazy Man! –
You are going to LOVE THIS!!
This is a classic of magic that Paul has revised to make it
infallible! Remember the old method that goes on and on and
on? Well not anymore! Paul has revised this classic of magic
so that it is not only far easier to perform, but also gives the
performer full control…unlike the classic version!

Cutting Deeper –
A classic by Bro. John Hamman brought
into the 21st Century…this is amazing and fun to perform! You
AND the spectator cut to the four Aces!

No Way…Way! –
A prediction is written. The spectator
shuffles a deck of cards then deals out as many cards as she
wishes. She divides these cards into two piles and removes
either pile! (There is NO FORCE!) Then an elimination of cards
is performed and she picks either of the last two cards – that’s
right, it is the prediction! This easy-to-do effect will fool
everyone…including magicians! LOVE this trick!


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