The Order of the Magi Presents Jonathan Royle’s 2016 Magic Club & Mentalism Lecture Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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On Tuesday August 9th, 2016, Jonathan Royle returned for the third time to England’s 3rd oldest magical society “The Order of the Magi” with yet another magic and mentalism lecture.

As you will see on these videos which were filmed live at the lecture, Royle not only received regular and increasingly louder applause during the course of the evening, but at the end he was given an enthusiastic standing ovation from the Magi Club members.

All of the material and routines he shared have been tested in the real world over many years, are easy to perform and most importantly get great reactions from real world audiences.

Amongst the routines which Royle shares during this approx two hour lecture are:


Whilst the performer’s back is turned or he is out of the room, a volunteer places a small coin under one of five bottle tops and then mixes them up so it is impossible for our miracle worker to know where the coin is. He takes hold of the volunteer’s wrist an impressive demonstration of muscle reading is given as the performer one by one eliminates the empty bottle caps to prove that he has discovered where they hid the coin.


This is the routine that Royle used when he opened for comedian and film star Lee Evens at Manchesters Buzz Club. It gets all the audience involved and they are amazed at how rapidly they are able to learn to say the alphabet backwards. Then suddenly and unexpectedly a bottle of wine appears drawing thunderous applause from the audience.


A stage filling coincidence routine that packs incredibly small and yet plays massive as five married couples (or lovers) from the audience are brought on stage to take part. This is Larry Becker’s “Make the Cards Match” on steroids and you’ll also learn variations which as you’ll see from the additional performance footage included, often results in a standing ovation!


One of the most powerful and mind-blowing prediction effects that you will ever perform. A volunteer has an entirely free choice of 1,200 words and yet the prediction which has been on full view since the start of the show proves to be 100% correct. Without a doubt one of the cleverest and cleanest prediction effects you will ever add to your repertoire.


Royle teaches three different techniques he has used around the world and on television shows to perform his comedy version of Ted Anneman’s Pseudo Psychometry and Fogels Second Spot. Under seemingly impossible conditions you are able to return objects to people and also reveal details about them, their personality and their lives by examining their belly button and using so called “navel gazing”.


Thanks to Dave Rawson, Royle was able to share this powerful signed playing card or banknote to gift box routine. The beautiful part being that there are no gimmicks used whatsoever and the box can be given to the volunteer to keep at the end of the routine as a souvenir. The method is practical and fooling to say the least, with no switches needed at any time. Yes it truly is their signed card inside the box!


Royle next explains his method of signed playing card to clear plastic box and again with this method the small tupperware plastic food box can be given away to the volunteer to keep.


This easy to make method for the signed banknote to nest of boxes is one you’ll love using and Royle also reveals how he on occasions uses pocket writing combined with this technique to make seemingly impossible predictions that have been in full view at all time. This being a great way to do a version of Don Wayne’s “Room Service” where you appear to have predicted the 3 digit hotel room number that 3 ladies in the audience create!


A great close-up effect using a pen, a beermat and an elastic band. The elastic band penetrates the pen in a most impossible manner. This is the trick that when Royle showed it to Jeff McBride at the 2009 Blackpool Magic Convention, Jeff’s response was “Where can I buy that?” You truly will have lots of fun with this.


This is the impromptu method Royle uses to make napkins vanish without the need of thumb tips or other gimmicks and in a manner which leaves both your hands able to be shown empty.


Another impromptu routine enabling you to rip the middle out of a banknote and then to restore it magically after everyone has seen the massive hole in it with their own eyes!


No gimmicked pens required as you stab a borrowed pen through a banknote before restoring it in a miraculous fashion.


Royle reveals how to make your own incredibly strong yet highly invisible thread and also suggests and visually shows a way to easily build a practical floating lightbulb for less than $10.


Along the way Royle also teaches the true secrets of misdirection in the real world along with hypnotic language patterns and performance psychology that will help you to gain greater impact and reactions with everything that you perform.


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