The Swiss Army Knife Mentalism & Fortune Telling Deck for Psychic Readers, Mentalists & Mind Magicians by Jonathan Royle eBook DOWNLOAD

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Imagine this amazing deck of playing cards. On the front of each card is printed either a full color or a black and white photographic image that is so deviously devised and designed that it allows you to work miracles of mind reading.

Now imagine that this same design could also be used to give Rune Readings, Astrological Readings, Tarot Readings and, of course, standard Cartomancy Playing Card Readings with the greatest of ease. This is due to the easily learnt, built-in memory aid systems that this unique deck possesses!

What would you do if this deck were a Stacked Deck, Stripper Deck and even a Multiple Marked Deck all in one?

Well, imagine no more! Such a deck is exactly what Jonathan Royle has devised and will explain to you exactly how to make for yourself in this large format 80 paged information packed PDF.

Take a look at this list of 52 descriptions of the images that are on the faces of this deck and, as you do, realize how seemingly unconnected they all are.

Phone-box, woman, mug, church, truck, casino, U.F.O., watch, sword, present, grave stone, shopping trolley, musical instruments, cat, Rubik’s cube, handcuffs, bee hive, toilet, post box, notes and money, tap, book, rabbit, food, horse, record player, nuts and bolts, house, drugs, crown, plugs, circus, laughing audience, prison, beach, monk, jungle, mobile phone, coins, sports car, brick wall, feet, tents, wizard, baby, steps, dancer, school, tools, moon and stars, hotel, magnifying glass.

Now let us tell you this — each and every image is, in truth, easily memorized in order both forwards and backwards. Also, you’ll know its exact position within the stacked deck thanks to the 3 Layer Mnemonic System that Royle has devised.

Another attribute of this deck enables you, with just a little thought and skill, to reveal someone’s exact star-sign and also exact day and month they were born.

Whilst you are taught how to manufacture decks for your own use bearing the images mentioned above, once you understand the system you will also be able to adapt it to your own ideas and use other images. Or, as Royle often does, you can also choose to use just the words describing the images written onto the front of blank faced cards (which for some mentalism routines would seem even more innocent).

Basically what you are getting here is a structure, together with ideas and a memory system that you could use almost immediately. It will provide you with a swiss army knife style deck that can be used for both mentalism and also fortune-telling divination purposes.

As a special bonus included within the download package is a free copy of “RAT System” by Royle. This further teaches how to read the Runes, Astrology and Tarot, the knowledge of which can easily be applied to and used with this swiss army style deck.

Download this eBook and learn to amaze!


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