Ultimate Impromptu Magic Vol 3 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOAD

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Dan will give you the ability to do miracles on the spur of the moment with whatever props happen to be available!

Section 1 – Pen and Tell’er Dan Harlan’s Karate Cap; Pocket Change; A Quart Low; Ye Old 1089 Tricke; Van Gogh Vanish

Section 2 – Reservations Required Dan Harlan’s Invisible Cow; Mineral Magnetism; Shaker Suspension; Knife Swallowing; Dan Harlan’s Sodium Free

Section 3 – Let’s Go For A Soda Re – Wrap; Jim Kleefeld’s Put a Lid on It

Section 4 – It’s My Party and I’ll Cry Ice If I Want To Dan Harlan’s In Your Ear; Dan Harlan’s A Toss Up; Dan Harland’s Popcorn Lizard; Mark Sicher’s Famous Popcorn Trick; Doc Dixon’s Spitting Image; Sad Eskimo; Sonny Fontana’s Paper Trained; Albert Goshman’s Bottlecap Assembly; Dan Harlan’s Psychic Guide; Psychic Feeling; Black Magic


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