VANISH Magazine April/May 2013 – Alan Watson eBook DOWNLOAD

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Issue 7:

  • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
  • Making News by Nick Lewin
  • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Kyle Peron
  • Choosing the Material for Your Act
  • Weight-A-Second by Stefan Olschewiski
  • Why Would You Want to be David Copperfield? by Bizzaro
  • Imaginary Circumstances by Joey Pipia
  • Magician’s Crossword Puzzle by Balu the Magician
  • Alan Watson – A Lifetime of Magic by Paul Romhany and friends 
  • Slip Sliding Away by Wayne Rogers
  • Diving Cards Book Test by Richard Webster
  • The Success Series – Scripting Your Show by Cris Johnson
  • Sound Advice by Peter Mennie
  • Behind the Advertisement – Felix by Paul Romhany
  • Finding Your Fitness Secret by Leif David
  • A Tribute to Jaks by Banachek
  • Child’s Play – Performing for Kids with Special Needs by Tony Chris 
  • OMGNAACAAN – Oh My God, Not Another Any Card at Any Number by Paul Alberstat
  • Bachstage – Routining Your Illusions: Emotions by Charles Bach 
  • Jeff McBride’s Magic and Mystery School – In Your Hands by George Parker
  • Melanie Giles the Magic Assistant by Gwyn Auger
  • Lessons Learned by Anders Hansen
  • The Jolly Jester by Steve Spill
  • The Day Everything Changed by Jeff McBride
  • Strike Debt Magic by Ben Robinson
  • Striking a Chord by Lee Alex
  • Young Magicians Corner by Chase Hasty
  • Witch Queen(s) of New Orleans by TC Tahoe
  • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends 
  • Milly, Diop, Baby! – Tight Budgets… No Problem by Dean Hankey and Errin Hogan
  • From the Desk of Keith Fields – Back on the Street Part Three
  • Nick Lewin Presents… Health Tips for the Road Warrior
  • One Word Often Forgotten – Rantings from a Comedian Magician by Chipper Lowell
  • Bag of Tricks – Indiegogo Campaign Video by Bill Warren
  • A Sneak Viewing… by Joe Gold
  • Joker Mental by Danny Archer


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