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Some random letters are chosen to make up the initials of a fictional character out of the performer’s sight. A name could be thought of from these letters, this will never be written down; it’s in the mind of the spectator.

The spectator is asked to grip the performer’s wrist and scream the initials in their mind. Slowly and visually the performer’s veins shift and morph into the selected initials. As an added kicker, the name can be revealed without anything being written down, they really do just think of the name in their head!!

This is powerful stuff. This isn’t like Twisted Palm or similar effects, your veins physically do appear to morph into the selected initials and the name reveal is as clean as clean can be.

It’ll get under their skin. This is Vanity.

Pages: 10 – 8.25″ x 11.75″ – PDF Format


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