3-Shell Game/Topit Vol 3 by Patrick Page video DOWNLOAD

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The classic swindle of the Three-Shell Game has always held a fascination for the public. On this video, Patrick Page teaches you all of the basics, in addition to some more advanced dodges and stratagems, for turning this ancient game into magical entertainment. With nothing more than three walnut shells and a pea-and some help from Patrick Page-you’ll soon be convincing everyone that you’re a world-class sleight-of-hand artist!

Topit Techniques
The power to vanish almost any small object right before the eyes of your spectators is now in your hands-and in your coat! In this video presentation, Patrick Page introduces the Topit, a highly deceptive magical secret weapon. After going through the basics, Patrick Page also teaches many advanced techniques that will have you performing veritable miracles in no time!


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