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The first book from legendary bar magician J.C. Wagner!

Top-notch commercial material includes Torn and Restored Card, Matrix Torn and Restored Card, Spectral Silk, J.C.’s Color-Changing Deck Routine, Mentally By Two, Ace-Two-Three-Four, Pop-Out Revelation plus a special bonus section featuring The Charisma Change (featuinrg Silver and Copper Transposition), Triple Cut for Triumph, and the Wagner Clink Pass.

72 pages, illustrated.

Torn and Restored Card
Matrix Torn and Restored Card
Spectral Silk
Mentally by Two
J .C.’s Color Changing Deck Routine
Ace-Two-Three- Four
Pop-out Revelation 46

Bonus Section:

Charisma Change
Wagner Clink Pass
Triple Cut for Triumph

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