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A three phased easy to do routine that gives your spectator an experience of what it feels like to be a mentalist.

Phase 1: 5 business cards are shown, each having the ESP symbol and are laid face down towards the spectator. The performer introduces another set of 5 and with a little thought points to one of them. Then asks the spectator to point to a card in their pile which they think matches the performer’s card. They do so, and it matches.

Phase 2: The performer draws one of the symbols on a business card and the spectator correctly guesses which one has been drawn.

Phase 3: The spectator is asked if they remember the exact order of the 4 cards in their pile, which they do not. To which they are asked to use their imagination and forget all the cards. Each of the 4 cards are turned over and shown to be blank.

– Works 100% of the time and leaves people with a cherishable memory.
– Also allows you to HAND OUT BUSINESS CARDS.
– Set-up takes less than 3 minutes and reset less than 30 seconds.

15 pages (with images)
Supplementary video explanation included


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