Masters of Mental Magic Volume 3 by Falkenstein and Willard video DOWNLOAD

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The Princess Mental Card Routine – With a dynamic twist as performed by Frances & Glenn.
It’s In The Bag – Perfect for parties-easy, effective, sexy and playful!
Out of This World – Test the spectator’s ESP ability with a classic card routine.
Divine a Card – Divining rod to find spectator’s card.
Ball ‘n’ Tube as Mental Effect – Demonstrating “Power of the Image” with heat and cold!
Lie Detector – Falkenstein’s courtroom game of mental inquisition!
Your Bill for My Bill – A dynamic memory test demonstrated by Frances Willard.
Blindfold Drive Technique & Method – Falkenstein’s Blindfold Drive revealed!
Informal Interview – Falkenstein & Willard and Michael and Hannah Ammar discuss the many aspects of mentalism and the Willard the Wizard family magic.
Radio Show Predictions – Methods of obtaining information and handling incoming phone calls for radio and TV talk shows.


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