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Three spectators are each handed a blank card, they are instructed to write or draw whatever they wish upon the card, and to keep it a total secret.

Once they have finished writing they are also handed a self-seal security envelope in which they are instructed to place their card and to seal the envelope, so that no one can see what was written.

Once this has been done, one of the three spectators gathers the sealed envelopes and mixes them.

The pile is then shown to be totally opaque and also identical and in no way can anyone see their contents.

The pile is placed onto a nearby table. All three spectators are to then simply concentrate of what they wrote, one of the spectators is then asked what it was they drew, without opening the envelope the performer instructs that person to take the first envelope.

The performer then takes the second envelope and once again asks for the remaining two to only think of what they wrote, and this time without anything said the performer hands the envelope to one of the spectators.

Finally the last envelope remains on the table as the performer removes another card from his pocket showing it to be totally blank. Where then he asks the remaining spectator to only think of what they wrote. The performer begins to write upon the card. When finished he asks the final spectator to take the final envelope from the table. The performer lays the drawing in full view but writing side down upon the table.

The performer then asks each spectator to open the envelopes they are holding and to confirm if those are their correct cards, they open the envelopes and they are all in the correct places but finally the card placed upon the table by the performer is also displayed to show an exact match of what was drawn…

Key points:

  • Uses normal cards
  • You can use your own business cards
  • Uses normal self-seal documentation envelopes
  • Any free choice may be written names, words/numbers/drawings
  • No forces
  • No pumping for answers
  • No chemicals
  • No electronics
  • No impression devises of any kind
  • Can be used for Stage or for close-up

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