Signed, Sealed & Concealed by Kevin Cunliffe mixed media DOWNLOAD

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You display a normal opaque envelope that has a small hole cut right through one corner so that a plain white card can be seen from both sides, inside the envelope. This plain white card is removed and shown both sides to be totally plain and normal. The envelope is also shown and fully examined and nothing is to be seen or found. The card is returned to the envelope and then signed and initialed through the holes of the envelope. The envelope is now fully sealed and can even be signed across the seal to add extra confidence that it cannot be tampered with. This envelope can be now kept in a safe place in full view by spectator or owner of the venue several weeks in advance of the performance. On the night of the show you ask for the return of the envelope and confirm the fairness of the envelope and that you have indeed been nowhere near it and there is in no way any possible way in which either the envelope or its contents could be switched or duplicated due to its unique signatures that have been in full view. This being stated and fully understood the envelope is cut open to reveal the lottery numbers drawn only that evening or even moments earlier.

  • You may wish instead of the lottery numbers to use a selected piece of information only thought of at total random by someone that night, maybe a word from a text message, a serial number from a borrowed note, several numbers that are randomly called out or even a drawing that a person randomly draws on a board.
  • You could use this to create apparent messages from the beyond or you can utilize it as a prediction device.
  • There are no other tools or devices involved other than the single envelope and card used.
  • There are no swami gimmicks or similar
  • There are no extra flaps or slits made in the envelope
  • There are no pre-show methods, switching or force work involved, everything works in real time
  • No assistant required
  • And best of all, the spectator can get to keep the card with the message/prediction at the end. Comes with full color instructions how to build your own gimmick sent as a PDF format.


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