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Volume Two – Close-Up Mentalism

Perhaps the most intimate form of entertainment that can be presented in public. It requires a delicate interplay in order to achieve a balance between the charming and the disquieting. This is material designed for very small groups, or even working one – on – one. This video features a range of commercial Close – Up Mentalism. No pre – show work, no secret assistance; this is practical material for the solo performer, using subtle and unusual methods that are as fascinating as the effects they produce. You’ll learn:

  • Shape – Up (Previously Unrevealed) – One card has been removed from as ESP deck. A person is invited to deal through the rest of the pack, turning cards face – up one by one and stopping at any time. The stopped – at symbol is the same as on the card that was previously set aside.
  • Changeling – A pleasingly simple routine using a handful of ordinary coins, in which the mentalist successfully predicts precisely how many coins will be selected by the spectator.
  • Isolation – The participant chooses which of several unprepared magazines will be used. That is opened to a random page, from which a random word is noted while the performer’s head is turned away. In a convincing telepathic display, the mentalist extracts the word from the person’s mind
  • Key To The Future – An amiable variation on the classic “Seven Keys to Baldpate” effect using an ungimmicked padlock and several keys, only one of which can open the lock. This time it is the spectator whose psychic abilities are tested. Will the working key be located – and will the performer know the outcome in advance?
  • Symbalance (Previously Unrevealed) – A standard pack of ESP symbol cards is employed along with two participants. The mentalist divines the first person’s thought – of design. He then discerns the second person’s symbol with an offbeat demonstration of “tactile intuition.”;
  • Positive Negative – A lesson in spectator management in the form of an engaging bit of prognostic pantomime with a baffling payoff. Better yet, it’s completely impromptu – you an do it with a moment’s notice, using borrowed items.
  • The Hawk – Another impossible card routine from the “Birds of Prey” series. Two spectators select and replace cards while the performer’s back is turned. They also shuffle the deck. Nevertheless, the mentalist deals through the face – down pack and stops on one selection, then tops that by promptly naming the other.


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