OSMOSIS I – Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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This eBook is LOADED! There are 16 full routines with cards, bills, coins, ESP, food (a levitation!), hilarious gags, comedy, science magic, and much, much more!

There are many, many color photos explaining every move and videos of two different Switches that you will love to perform!

Below is a preview:

2002 Simplicity Aces – An easy-to-do version of Elmsley and Jennings’s killer classic! This is very direct and ends clean!

COMBO Bill Penetration and Bill Switch – You’re going to love this hilarious 8-minute routine for close-up or cabaret! This routine plays VERY BIG and will get that applause!

Mindreader – A brilliant, double ESP revelation by Ed Marlo!

Reaping the Aces – A Larry Jennings classic that was a favorite of Mike Skinner! This “Spectator Cuts the Aces” routine is so clever, that it will “fry” magicians!

Easy 4 Ace Cutting – This is Paul’s clever rendition of an old effect that used gaffs. There are NO GAFFS used here, it is VERY easy to do, and will make the spectator the “hero”!

Professional Misdirection – Learn a technique that has been kept a secret by the Pros forever! Even Mike Skinner used this clever technique to cover for certain sleights. Do you have a routine that makes you ‘nervous’? Use this technique and you will have NO PROBLEM… 100% of the time!

Simplicity Itself – Here is a very easy-to-do routine that you might have learned as a beginner. Paul has updated this effect for the intermediate-to-advanced magicians with hilarious patter that will get you a STUNNED audience! You’ll LOVE IT!

Coin Magic Sleights – Paul presents 5 very important coin sleights that are fully explained with many, many color photos and the psychology behind each one… some great sleights!

Some Really Cool Tricks and Ideas – Believe it or not… this section contains NINE more routines, 2 gags and a revelation by magicians Skinner, Jennings, Altman, Lorayne, Fechter, Vernon, Marlo and me!

These tricks and gags are loaded with very clever humor and laughs, and are items that these pros perform, often – but you never see! These are ‘workhorse routines’!

Download this eBook and video and perform these gems!


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