QUANTUM REALITY! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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14 MONSTER EFFECTS and 8 videos!

14 major effects with cards, coins, gambling themes, mentalism, silks, predictions…PLUS – 8 brain busters!

INTRODUCTION – discussing a philosophy of “tried and true” performance that just might change your mind…and it works!

WHAT IS QUANTUM REALITY? – You may not be interested in Quantum Physics…but this may open up your mind!



– QUANTUM OPTICAL TRIUMPH – A Triumph effect that will make their heads spin…AND it’s very easy to do! Just watch the video.

– SHE HAS QUANTUM POWER – Give your spectator a power that she didn’t realize she had – and so easy to do! (If you perform professionally, this effect WILL fatten your pockets!)

– QUANTUM NUMBERS – The spectator does all the work – but the outcome is STILL impossible!

– QUANTUM JUICE TO SILK – This is TOTAL eye-candy!

– QUANTUM GREATNESS – This has the “flavor” of a Dani DaOrtiz effect. The performer brags of his gambling skills – yet the spectator beats the performer… and BADLY – Hilarious!

– QUANTUM MARKED CARD – A great display of skill! But none needed! Has the “flavor” of RED-HOT MAMA!

– QUANTUM MENTALISM – This will drop jaws – guaranteed – so very easy to do with something you already own!

– QUANTUM QUICKIE, QUICKIE – Here is one of those fast moving effects that will have everyone laughing out loud!


– QUANTUM COINS ACROSS – Are you looking for a great coin routine that you can confidently perform every single…AND ends with a HUGE kicker! THIS IS IT!!

– QUANTUM CARD-(H)ISTRY – A beautiful routine that will get standing ovations…it is just that good!

– QUANTUM MATCH GAME – A FABULOUS effect by Robert Harbin (creator of he famous Zig-Zag Lady illusion)

– QUANTUM ULTIMATE PROHESY – Two brilliant concepts of magic, combined into one beautiful…one of Paul’s favorites! This easy-to-do effect is impossible to figure out!

– QUANTUM OUT-TO-LUNCH PHENOMENA – A brilliant idea for a mentalism routine…and an idea for the use of FRIXION Pens!

– QUANTUM PRETZEL LOGIC – A mentalism routine that is absolutely BRILLIANT…and easy to do. You’ll love this idea!


For fun…included are 8 real brain-busters that will “open your mind”! Answers included!


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