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In 2004, Think Pink was a pamphlet. In 2006, it was a 200-page hardcover book. The Complete Edition of Think Pink sold out to magicians and mentalists around the world.

Now it’s finally time for the eBook! Imagine being able to divine something a person is merely thinking of, under test conditions, using just a piece of paper and a writing utensil.

The complete Think Pink contains more than beautiful techniques — it is a dissertation on the psychology and process of using this special method, which can be applied to so many mentalism routines.

The illustrations and text make the learning easy and fun. Ran has also included routines and ideas from some of today’s top innovators in mentalism including Andrew Gerard, Greg Arce, and Kenton Knepper.

With 11 premises to apply the techniques, you’ll be doing new and different effects, all using the same invisible method.

More Latitude

The spectator writes in the center of the paper; no funny drawings or constricted areas are needed. Think Pink allows you much more freedom of hand movement and timing than any tear ever. Peek the writing whenever you wish. The writing is always face up when read.

More Freedom

The moves are simple, natural, clean, and you are angle free. Think Pink can be done surrounded, close-up, standup or onstage. No stealing, no palming, no sleights! No awkward hand positions and no unnatural tears. It’s all normal moves and it’s all easy.

Prior to Think Pink, business cards were the most difficult items to use for the Center Tear/Peek. Yet, business cards are the most convenient paper to use. Think Pink was especially created for use with business cards. Now you can pick up any business card anywhere and launch into your amazing demonstration of mental abilities.

Think Pink is perfect for spontaneous amazement anywhere, everywhere. It is equally effective using Index cards of any size; 3×5 for close-up and standup, even 4×6 cards can easily be used on larger stages. Works perfectly with square-shaped paper and sticky notes, too.

A Testimonial:

Think Pink is one of the most powerful tools you will have at your disposal. These touches that are offered here are priceless. If you really want someone to think you can reach inside their mind and reveal their innermost thoughts, this is the one thing you MUST know.”
– Andrew Gerard

Easy to Learn and Easy to Do

Over 60 pages of fully illustrated step-by-step instructions will have you up and running in no time! 11 dynamic premises will give you ideas and effects to use as soon as the moves are down tight.

NEW methods of the peek itself are given. When and where and why are all explained in detail, making this miracle method of mindreading simple for you to learn and apply.

If you have ever wanted to learn this amazing technique of mentalism, Think Pink is the place to start. If you have already learned several different approaches to the Tear/Peek, Think Pink will give you specific advantages that you will appreciate every time you use it.

Get the eBook and you’ll soon be blowing audiences away!


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