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Armed with a Sharpie, deck of cards and some post-it-notes, get ready to rock your spectators with three powerful effects, that are easy to do and completely examinable! L7

You invite 4 spectators to draw or write whatever they like on a post-it-note whilst you are looking away. They fold up the notes and drop them in your hand, box or cap. You take our each note and correctly match it to each spectator without asking a single thing. This can also be done with a ‘Dead or Alive’ routine and involves a BRAND new principle, which allows it to be completely examinable. This is perfect for the mentalist and requires no prep, or any gimmicks!


You will certainly create some ‘buzz’ with this effect. The spectator shuffles their OWN deck of cards, you then ask them to take a small packet, shuffle them and eliminate all until only one is left. They remember that card, shuffle the deck and you can instantly tell them the thought of card. Again, completely examinable and it is their own deck of cards, which doesn’t even need to be full.

Sticky Pen

This is a great intro effect where the spectator has to sign something like a card, coin or post-it-note (ahem… L7?). You show a Sharpie that can be examined beforehand, which magically sticks to various parts of your fingers. You then hand the Sharpie out for immediate examination along with your hands. This small gimmick takes about 10 seconds to make, costs virtually nothing and is available all over the world. No strings, Magnets or Sticky stuff in sight! Trust me, you will have so much fun with Sticky Pen!

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