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An 18 page Vernoniana Portfolio by professional photographers Young & Robin opens this volume. You’ll discover rare and interesting Vernon memorabilia photographed so you can enjoy it over the years. Over 50 Vernon routines, 27 historical photographs, 177 illustrations, 280 pages.




Author’s Introduction

Verrnoniana Portfolio by Young and Robin

Chapter One: Lost and Found Department
The Challenge Locations
The Bridge
The Dual Crimp
The Scrape
The Wallet Punch
Dual to the Death
By Any Other Name
The Slap Trick

Chapter Two: “The Garden of Forking Paths”
Aces to Order
Out of Sight and Mind II
Four Options
Two-Six-Four Royale

Chapter Three: From Silk to Nuts
The Tale of the Treasury-Worm
The Daivergent Silk
The Twirl Link
The Threadborne Link
The Peripatetic Walnuts

Chapter Four: Formal Exchanges
The Trick that Cannot be Reconstructed
The Loving Couple
A1 In’ Dai at the Hop
A Reblocking of “The Jumping Jack”
Out of Uniform

Chapter Five: Card Ciphers
The Rendezvous Force
Why am I Here?
Frisbie Saunders’ Location by the Numbers
Packet Calculator

Chapter Six: Singular Events
The Intelligent Leaper
Driven to the Depths
The Corsican Climbers
Punched in the Face
Out of Touch
Sans Index
Vernon on Edward G . Brown’s “Poker Hand Mystery”
Aces by Proxy
The Third Color
Tour Through the Outback
The Top-Stock Riffle Reverse
Larry Jennings’ Eidetic
Commanding the Colors
It Stands Alone
The Silhouette Change
A Face in the Night

Chapter Seven: Sorted Affairs
A Sticky Solution
It’s a Snap
Vernon on Gilbreath
Nerves on Edge

Chapter Eight: New Wine from Old Bottles
Max Malini’s Hypnotic Gaze Divination
Nate Leipzig’s Two-Deck Transposition
Leipzig on the Collins Ace Trick
Henry Christ’s Vanish for the Collins Ace Trick
Henry Christ’s Spell Detector
The Christ Ace Trick


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