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Foresight is now available as a PDF at a great savings. You get full directions and a PDF of the chart. Just print the chart off your computer on card stock and you are set to boggle minds.

A killer effect that starts out like a comedy routine but packs a wallop at the end.


The magician holds up an envelope and says it contains a prediction. He askes a spectator to name any playing card. Performer says the named card is in the envelope. He removes an 8.5 x 11 inch picture that has the whole deck spread out. The performer says: “Look, there is your card right there.”

The audience laughs but isn’t impressed, so you ask the participant to just think of a card in the picture. No force. You then ask a second participant to also think of a card in the picture.

Now for the amazing part, the performer immediately tells the first participant the card he is thinking of. He simply makes two comments about the card, both are correct (you are never wrong) and then names the card. You do this without any complex fishing. In fact, you name the thought of card so quickly it will startle even magicians! The magician then points out that he has been wearing a CLEAR cardholder around his neck from the very start. You can see the back of a playing card inside it.

Instead, you could just have a card paper clipped to your coat pocket. He then asks the second participant what card he has in mind. The participant names the card. Immediately and with NO SWITCHES, you turn the clear cardholder around and sealed inside is the very card he just named.

Back of card is in full view at all times and never leaves the audience’s sight. Card can be removed and the badge holder examined. Nothing else inside. The predicted card could also be a jumbo card on your table in full view from the start for those who don’t want to have the card hanging from your neck.

This takes revealing thought-of cards to a new level. One of the most advanced techniques yet devised, yet is easy to do and has no sleights whatsoever.

Comes with PDF of an 8.5″ x 11″ gag picture that looks like it has a spilled deck on it. NO DUPLICATE CARDS ARE PRINTED IN THE PICTURE. Every card in the picture is different! Also comes with a smaller picture for street magicians to carry in their pocket.


“Devin Knights’ Foresight is a straightforward mental routine, that with proper presentation is a “killer” effect!”
Tom Craven

“Here’s a strong prediction effect…I like this one”
Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion

“Mr. Knight has improved the method and handling and I’m sure this will play well during a walkaround set.”
Christopher Carey, MyLovelyAssistant

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