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“The most devious thing I’ve seen with a borrowed iphone.”
– Daniel Madison

“This takes remote viewing to the next level!”
– Peter Turner

“An effect that is as frightening as the method… I may never sleep again!”
– Spidey

“I know how powerful a revelation like this is and I’ve never seen a technique that’s more direct to get the information. This effect is literally as good as his beard.”
– Dee Christopher

“This is the final answer to the remote viewing plot, it’s one of the few effects that has real, valid potential outside of magic/mentalism!”
– Titanas

“i” is a way to obtain very personal information from a spectator’s phone which they didn’t even know you could have access to. This is all done very secretly. “i” can be used for many mentalism routines, especially for the remote viewing plot. Please use with caution.

Pages: 8 – 8.5″ x 11″ – PDF FORMAT


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