The Al Schneider Technique – Vol1: Theory & Magic video DOWNLOAD

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Worth the cost of the entire series, this first volume in Al Schneider’s landmark video series is a significant contribution to the why’s and how’s of performing magic. The value of the information presented here cannot be underestimated as Al Schneider presents the principles that lie at the very core of magic deception. And, to drive home each principle, an effect is performed to clearly show the importance of the principles involved. First, the effects will fool you and then you’ll watch again to review the sound magic theory they represent. Al Schneider has truly developed an advanced graduate course on the theory, practice and delivery of powerful magic.


CROSSED CARD JR. – A stunning beginning that introduces the concepts presented in this volume. You will want to watch this carefully to get all the subtleties of this routine.

AL SCHNEIDER’S BASIC VANISH – A very versatile coin vanish that will impress the most seasoned magician.

AL’S EXPANSION OF TEXTURE – A silver coin melts through cloth to join a copper coin in a hank held by a spectator. A powerful routine demonstrating the use of the Schneider Vanish.

FIVE STEPS OF DECEPTION – You must understand these to know what your audience expects to see.


VANISHING SALT SHAKER – Another classic improved by the Schneider touch. Demonstrates how to add impact to a trick.

QUICK CUPS – A simple routine with the Adams Cups and Balls that’s easy to carry and do. Audiences consistently gasp at the conclusion of the routine. Demonstrates how to build suspense to get the gasp and add impact.

SNAP BACK MOVE – You will simply want to do this.

SPELLBOUND – Al Schneider’s take on this classic, presented with his own methods of doing the various Spellbound moves.

GERMAN FRENCH DROP – An innovative vanish by Al capitalizing on his principles.

POP-UP MOVE – A better, smoother handling of the move created by Al.

DOUBLE LIFT – A push-off double and a new Schneider double lift.

PERFECT PALM – Palm a card with the audience looking directly at your hands.


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